When traveling on location to a wedding or event, parking must be paid and all costs covered by client. If not, it will be charged to remaining balance due by the client at the end of services. 


Payment/ Deposit 

There are deposits, (varying percentages), for weddings and in salon appointments. All deposits secure your date and time and are NON-REFUNDABLE. No exceptions! Once the deposit is paid the date and time are held. There will be no other charges unless otherwise stated or agreed on between client and service provider. (i.e. cancelations, payments, etc.) If there is a cancelation 5 days or less before date held 50% of overall service will be charged. All deposits and/ or payments are deducted from the final bill. 


No Shows/ Cancelations

In the event that an individual does not show or cancels the same day for a service being provided at a wedding, the total amount stated in the contract will still be due. No exceptions!


Photo Release

Upon signing the contract and when approving your appointment this also approves and releases Dare 2 Dream Salon to take and use photos for professional purposes that may be taken on trial or day of event or appointment. This includes posting them to social media,  websites, etc. 


Day of Time Management

On day of please wear a button down shirt, this allows easier removal of clothing when getting dressed without ruining hair and makeup.

Hair should be 2-3 days old unless the hair gets extremely oily. In that case please have hair freshly washed and dried. Dare 2 Dream Salon does not provide blow outs or any services that are considered “in salon services” on day of, due to limited time. Dare 2 Dream Salon is NOT responsible for lack of time management with bride or guests being serviced. Full payment is still required for services not performed on day of due to poor planning on guests behalf. We do understand in certain cases there are guests that may need services last minute, we are happy to accommodate them if there is time, however, please remember we only bring on hand the amount of products needed for what was stated on contract. We appreciate you and thank you for considering that our time is valued as well.


Location Requirements

Please have a window setting as well an outlet for artist to perform at their best. 


Additional Fees


If there is an early start time required in order to perform services (anytime before 8 am for weddings and anytime before 9 am for in salon services), there is an additional fee of $30.  




1 Peter 3:4

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